DJ Hazkid 016 – Almighty Allah Mara Beat

Almighty Allah Mara Beat by Dj Hazkid 016

Dj Hazkid 016 has been one of the most popular song mixer on TikTok, this time, he crafts a new dance beat which he called “Almighty Allah Mara Beat” a mix beat which has gotten lots of applauds on many social media apps.

Since the Death of Odogwu Mara, a young Nigerian dancer who died March 2023. Many DJ’s started to make beats and include his name in the title as last tribute to the young dancer.

Almighty Allah Mara Beat is a unique beat, Dj Hazkid 016 this time took a Quranic recitation of a boy, added beat and some instruments to make it pleasing to the ears, which I must say is very clever.

Listen and Download Dj Hazkid 016 – Almighty Allah Mara Beat 


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