Final year ABSU student killed by cultists

Yesterday, it was reported that a Final year student of Abia State University (ABSU) was killed in broad daylight by cultists. While many students panicked, the state authority advises all to remain calm as they take investigation into the murder situation.

MayorSongs interrogated got an Intel from a student of ABSU, he explained the boy who goes by the name “Emmanuel” got killed yesterday evening by cult group who chased him and shot him on the head at close range!.

He explained the boy (Emmanuel) was a member of a cult group who was a victim of a cult clash that evening, exchange of gun shootings began but unfortunately for him (Emmanuel) and his gangs, the bullet didn’t penetrate the opponents, they had no choice but to retreat but unfortunately, Emmanuel was the only one who wasn’t able to run away as he had been shot 4 times while running.

Final year ABSU student killed by cultists
Final Year Absu Student Killed By Cultists

He got weak and fell at a road side that’s when the opponent caught up with him, while one made a video, the other took out a pistol, place the gun on his head and shot him dead on spot.

The shocking thing was that, all students watched while Final year ABSU student killed by cultists took place but couldn’t take any Action as this cultists had a gun with them. We’ll update this article as soon as we get any update on this case.

Final year ABSU student killed by cultists (Video)


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